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" Solange die Existenz
und die Lage
des Paradieses
nicht geklärt sind
halte ich mich
an dich. "
→ Dženni's Concert Photographs!


I made a blog with few of my concert photos, is going to be completed in one or two weeks, and you can sty tuned for updates, because the queue is long!

please have a look :)

→ hey!


I started a new series, title still in work, but I already made 3 photographs of it, so stay tuned for a sneaak preview tomorrow at 8pm GMT+1!

It is about famous murderers or murders from 1950 onwards in Austria, where I live. There is a rich criminal history in austria, even if you leave out the national socialism. For instance, Jack Unterweger or Franz Fuchs, the most famous Austrian murderers.

I engaged myself with the personal history of the murderers and how the victims died/suffered, to eventually depict them in my way of seeing on my photographs.

It will be an ongoing series, with no fixed number of photographs. You’ll get information to this murders/murderers additionally, and  I think that is what makes the picture complete in this case.

see ya ;)




ten days left.

Sat, 26th of April

And now, as i look an my photographs at the computer, I suddenly
realize, that my 365 was over on wednesday. Wednesday, the 23rd of
April. At this time I had been in Essen, Germany, thousand (for real)
kilometers away from my hometown. I applied for a study there. Today
it’s saturday the 26th, and I wanna go and grab a beer. Instead I am
sitting at home, busily editing photos for the last 10 days of my
365. Probably I counted wrong. You never know.

So, here’s my resumee:

I wanted to do a 365 like a half year before I actually started that
one. On May 10th, 2013 I was busily working for my final exams and
took photographs for school everyday. On the last day of this
practical exams I started this 365. As the exam week had been over, I
started to prep fro the written part of my final exams. On Month of
learning, an there it was, my Matura. After that my life without school began. My relationship headed south, and the proclaimed happiest time in your life, your last holidays, somehow tasted bitter. I was lost.

I finished it with a short stay somewhere I have never travelled, in
Germany, while applying to study photography. It seems to me
[although I did not know exactly what I wanted for a whole year(+the
years before) and actually ever in my whole life] that some things
begin, where others end. I take this coincidence as a sign. Life was
hard, procrastination was more present than motivation and things had
not been the way I wished them to be in that time of one year. It
somehow proves that I still love to take photos, no matter how
disappointing it was, no matter how tired I was and no matter how bad
the outcome was. Yet it broadend my horizon and changed my approach
to photography. I learned something, not a hell of a lot, like how I
expected it to be. I did that challenge. I still love taking photos. I even bought myself a new camera and lenses, I love them and everytime I pick up the camera I feel good.

And finally, I realized that I had found what I was looking for,
Without ever being quite sure what it was.
I found a story that would make my own life make sense again. This

Other things to say about that project:
- I never engaged myself too much into this project.
- I did not take photos every single day, I think I left out 5.
- I took my camera with me to a festival, Brutal Assault in Czech Republic. The festival was awesome, still I coun’t take it with me into the festival area, because they wouldn’t let me. It rained two days. It was great, but my camera was more a burden than anything else. If you’re doing a 365, buy yourself some waterproof digicam ar film camera.
- I had been in Sweden/norway for one month, visited Prague, had been in Australia and New Zealand for one month, spent at least 5 days in train or plane.
- I clearly did nothing meaningful during the winter months. I hate when it is too cold to go out and have fun without freezing your fingers off.
I also hate summer and having a sweaty back from wearing a camera backpack.
- I carried my camera in a cheap non-camera bag in my backpack for 60km af hiking  in Sweden, it survived the outback and the countless nights we slept in our tents there.
- We put up our tent in the local recreation are of Bergen, Norway
- I dreamt at least 20 times that I either go swimming wiht my camera, dip it into water or amsh it accidently. I also dreamt I had my favourite lens to be transormed into a mug (like a real lens mug made out of a real lens.)
- I practiced talking swedish like a pro in hultsfred, where a woman started talking to us in swedish, and this was such an ego-push.


- I am sorry for the shitty photos I sometimes uploaded. I was not satisfied with them as well. I tried my best.

I will upload the rest of them soon (like tomorrow probably). I’ll start to build myself a portfolio. I already started to plan 5 different projects and I am looking forward to works in progress and deep, intense conceptual shit and everything that shall come.

If you read all that, thank you, be safe and check out my blog in the nearer future.



I’m glad I did this. I think I’ll do it never again :D
thanks to all the musicians that helped me through life and mom and dad and friends ans twinnie and everybody I met.