19y/o photographer from Austria - please credit me when reblogging
" The worst is not to know the reasons, not to understand. It leaves you speechless.It conquers your mind and colonizes your thoughts and you’re unable to fucking think striaght. Your heart keeps pumping uncertainty through your veins and you run the risk of becoming a mere shadow of your former self.
You bite your lip fighting the ain as you aimlessly walk around the city full of scars that won’t let you forget. Although you keep telling yourself to; the perils of opening your heart. Apperently these are perils of letting other people get to close. What doesn’t kill you usually still hurts a lot. It only makes you weak.
but you have got to be strong not to go to track and ruin. "
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" Solange die Existenz
und die Lage
des Paradieses
nicht geklärt sind
halte ich mich
an dich. "